TKEY CORE Update System


By Support Agent Tkeycoin

updated 2 months ago

Technologies, user needs, and government standards have properties of constant change.

Our experts have researched various areas of cryptocurrencies. To implement a platform that will develop globally, the platform needs to find common ground between government regulation, business, and society. We understand that 100% of this is impossible to achieve, but it is possible to create favorable conditions favorable to all parties.

The task of specialists is to create a system of updates that will allow you to make changes to the platform throughout time. Can Microsoft and IBM products be updated? Accordingly, the platform that is created for the company and financial asset management should have such an opportunity.

If public consensus is not reached on time, fragmentation of the Protocol and division of the community will be inevitable. Cryptocurrency should solve the problem of confidentiality, immutability of data and security of user's assets while creating a favorable environment for improving the standard of living of all participants of the network.

Newer versions of the SOFTWARE will contribute to increased performance, which improves and speeds up work on the same device by optimizing multithreading and using multiple processors. Also, each new version of the SOFTWARE has higher functionality.

For example, based on updates, a privacy control function can be implemented so that the user himself, rather than third parties or intermediaries, can control his data or in the future when quantum technologies become commonplace, an update of the blockchain Protocol of the Tkeycoin network will be released.

Competently built update systems allow implementing various types of functionality into the platform, which closes any kind of market and user needs.

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