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The Security CenterPrivacy submenu allows you to configure advanced privacy settings for your wallet.

Enable TOR — completely anonymizes Internet traffic when using the wallet. API services, currency exchange rates, and blockchain explorers may be temporarily unavailable in this mode. Get information about the TOR function.


Enable enhanced privacy mode For your transactions: Shuffling or Lexicographic indexing.


Cryptocurrencies Ethereum, EOS, Binance DEX require a choice of source. Using this section, you can change sources as necessary.


Select the data source for wallet recovery: API and Blockchain or Blockchain.  Regardless of the chosen method, all data validation and verification, as well as data loading, is performed using the blockchain. The API is designed to get an accelerated flow of data about your transactions and their balances, which allows you to speed up the synchronization process. To set the mode: click on the preferred method: API and Blockchain or Blockchain.

API and Blockchain

In order not to load the entire history of the blockchain, i.e. block and transaction headers, the API helps you quickly get point information about previous transactions. For example, If your transactions are located in block 67325 and block 71775, the API will indicate to the node the necessary points for restoring Your balance, which will speed up the “recovery” process.

As soon as the information is received, communication with the peers takes place and synchronization begins from the control point, then from this moment, all subsequent block loading is carried out through the blockchain. This method allows you to quickly restore Your existing wallet.

‘’+’’ Speed. ‘’-’’ The API server may fail.


This method loads all block headers (block headers + Merkle) starting from the BIP44 checkpoint and manually validates transactions.
‘’+’’ It always works and is decentralized. ‘’-’’ Loading the entire blockchain may take a long time.

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