Independent TKEY Network channels


By Support Agent Tkeycoin

updated 2 months ago

The absence of Central nodes and intermediaries eliminates the system risks that may arise for the user due to other network participants, minimizes the amount of Commission for transactions.

Given that the platform is developed on the principles of self-governance and concepts of p2p-networks, it would be prudent to allow users and business representatives to choose between using the platform in a completely anonymous or verified mode.

The ability to choose the type of anonymous or public transaction enables counterparties to ensure its maximum secrecy, the confidentiality of personal data, or on the contrary, to make the information available for verification by third parties.

Tkeycoin users have the opportunity to build direct secure payment channels with trusted counterparties (relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.) and transfer funds through them with one click.

In the future, an encrypted system will be created to store and include data in the transaction at the user's request.

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