Enable TOR


By Support Agent Tkeycoin

updated about 2 months ago

In the Security Center — in the Privacy section — you can enable an encrypted connection via Tor.  Despite the fact that all data in the TkeySpace blockchain wallet is encrypted and protected by modern cryptographic methods, the TOR function allows you to encrypt traffic, which increases your privacy.

This is a powerful privacy feature for those who own large assets or live in places where the Internet is heavily censored.

1. Open the menu ⚙ ️SettingsSecurity CenterPrivacyEnable Tor Restart.

2. In the notification bar of the phone, You will see an icon "Onion", now your connection is encrypted.

When you enable the TOR setting, all traffic coming from the wallet will be encrypted and routed through an anonymous network of servers, effectively hiding any information about the sender, i.e. location, IP address, and more. This means that if Your provider blocks the connection, you can now rest easy — after running this function, you will get an encrypted connection to the network.

If TOR was not activated and you see an error on the screen, click "Disable" to disable the feature.

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