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updated 29 days ago

In the Wallet Management section — you can create a backup copy of your wallet, view the key, change the address format for Bitcoin and Litecoin, restore or create a wallet.


1. Select Standard Wallet — Backup Next — Write down the words in strict order, when you are sure that all the phrases are recorded — click Next — the System will prompt you to check the phrase, asking you to enter 2 words out of 12 — enter 2 verification words — click Submit.

2. Make several copies of the recorded words according to the instructions — Recommendations for storing a backup phrase

To view the Private Key

If you need to view the private key (backup phrase) — click BackupShow Key — the screen will display the Private key — write down/save the Private Key in a safe place.

Address Format

Choosing the address type for Bitcoin or Litecoin: Legacy, SegWit, Native SegWit. By default, the most popular address type is set: SegWit (BIP-49), Bitcoin addresses that start with a digit — "3". We recommend leaving the default settings, but if you want to change the address type for research, software, or other purposes, just click on the address type, for example, Legacy (BIP-44). The app will notify You of the need to re-sync with the Bitcoin blockchain, click-Change to BIP44 — confirm the operation. We recommend leaving the default settings.

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