Installing Tkey Messenger on Linux


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Tkey Messenger is available in the Linux app store — and is available on all popular Linux distributions: UbuntuDebianArch LinuxCentOSFedoraKDE NeonKubuntuManjaroLinux MintopenSUSERed Hat Enterprise Linuxelementary OS.

The installation starts with a single command in the terminal:

sudo snap install tkey-me

It is also easy to launch Tkey Messenger by entering a command in the Terminal or using the application menu:


If you have disabled Snapd in your system, please use the quick start instructions for snapd. 

Click on the system name to go to the instructions:

TKey Messenger installation and launch process

1. Launch the terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T;

2. Enter the installation command:

sudo snap install tkey-me

3. Launch Tkey Messenger in any convenient way.

(!) The startup process may differ depending on the Linux distribution you are using.

You can open the "menu" using the keyboard shortcut: Alt+F2, then enter tkey-me and press Enter.

From the console -> Enter the app name in the Terminal and press Enter:


From the app menu:

From the App Manager:

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