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The security of your wallet and your funds is always in Your hands. Use methods of protection, follow the recommendations, but not limited to them:

1. Always keep multiple backups of wallet.dat, provide reliable storage to your backups;

2. Periodically make a new copy of the file wallet.dat;

3. Protect your local wallet with a strong password;

4. Always use the latest version of TKEY software, stay tuned;

5. Do not abuse the installation of questionable programs and regularly update the operating system;

6. Check your device for viruses and malware;

7. Use different passwords for each of your Internet accounts;

8. Periodically clear web forms and cache, and remove passwords and cookies from your browser;

9. We recommend placing an important site (for example in the browser bookmarks, as in the search results are often fraudulent "clones" of the trusted platform. Do not go and questionable links that may come to you in the mail;

10. Connect two-factor authentication to your e-mail address. This measure will not only provide an increased degree of security to your tkeycoin account but also significantly increase the degree of safety of your other data and accounts on the Internet;

❗ ️With the growing popularity of tkeycoin cryptocurrency, there will be various projects and communities aimed at creating a graphical interface for the tkeycoin wallet that you can turn to. However, TKEY DMCC does not approve any of these projects without first checking the resources, so you need to be careful when evaluating any such proposal.

Please be aware of apps requesting your private key - some of them may be scammers looking to steal your key. Do thorough research before you grant access to your account. We will continue to provide instructions and recommendations on security measures and the use of our TKEY network.

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5 easy steps to securely protect your funds

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