What is Tkeycoin Core wallet?


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Tkeycoin-Qt (Tkeycoin GUI) is a graphical wallet application that can accept and send transfers and is also a full node (node) of the Tkeycoin network.

QT is a GUI UI framework and cross-platform application for developers created using the C++ programming language.

QT wallets are digital cryptocurrency wallets developed using the QT software environment. They are available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Wallets are professional clients and offer a full feature that is available for currency.

Full wallets (full node) is currently the most private way to use 
Tkeycoin, and no one else will know which tkeycoin addresses belong to You.

Control of your money

This wallet gives the user full control over his funds in the form of cryptocurrency Tkeycoin. This means that no one will be able to freeze your account or lose your money. However, the user should remember that the responsibility for the security and backup of the wallet lies entirely with the user.

Full scan

This wallet is a full-fledged node that verifies and transfers transactions in the Tkeycoin network. It does not depend on third parties to verify payments. Full nodes provide the highest level of security and are essential for network security.

Increased privacy

The wallet makes it difficult to keep track of your balances and payments by rotating the addresses used. You should use the new tkeycoin addresses every time you request payment.

Wallet when receiving or sending payments does not transmit information about them to other network nodes.

The wallet allows you to set up and use Tor as a proxy in order to prevent attackers or Internet service providers from linking your payments to your IP address.

Full control of the Commission

This wallet gives you full control over the Commission. This wallet also provides Commission recommendations based on the current state of the network to conduct the transaction on time and without overpayments.

Qt wallet has the following features:

  • Wallet backup;
  • Encryption of wallet;
  • Address book / generate QR code or URL;
  • Signing and confirming the message;
  • Control cryptocurrency and the Commission;
  • Instant send and receive;
  • Console ;
  • Mining;
  • and other features.

Installing Tkeycoin Core wallet on Windows

Installing Tkeycoin Core wallet on macOS

Installing Tkeycoin Core wallet on Linux

Installing Tkeycoin Core wallet on Linux Server

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