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When you install the system Tkeycoin you get 3 programs:

1. Tkeycoin-Qt (Tkeycoin GUI) is a graphical wallet application that can accept and send transfers and is also a
full node of the Tkeycoin network.

Even if the program Tkeycoin-Qt is not running on your computer, transfers to your address will still come as soon as you run it again and, thus, download all the new blocks that have appeared since the last launch of the program. The system will examine all blocks sequentially, and if any new transactions relate to your address, it will inform you about it. Tkeycoin-Qt is an indispensable tool for 
Tkeycoin miners.

This wallet gives you full control over your funds in the form of
Tkeycoin cryptocurrency. This means that no one will be able to freeze your account or lose your money. However, you should remember that the responsibility for the security and backup of your wallet lies entirely with you.

2. tkeycoind (Tkeycoin Daemon) — application, which in the language of programmers is called “demon”. However, you should not be afraid of them at all, because such an intimidating term only means that the program can work in the background (like most of the system processes on your computer).

Tkeycoind does not have a graphical shell, but can do very interesting things, for example:

  • Is the node of the network and allows it to exist and grow constantly;
  • Tkeycoind can mine (extract coins Tkeycoin), so you should rather call him a Genie than a demon;
  • The application can also transmit network information via a specific Protocol, which is very useful for programmers and avid miners. Ordinary users do not necessarily need to understand such subtleties of the process – you are not particularly interested in how the mechanism of the high-speed Elevator or the commands of the electronic processor in the car.

3. tkeycoin-cli — a service program that serves to obtain information and set commands to the application tkeycoind.

⚠ ️The programs tkeycoin-qt (tkeycoin GUI) and tkeycoind (tkeycoin Daemon) cannot run on your computer at the same time, because they have similar functionality responsible for downloading data. The simultaneous launch and operation of these two applications can lead to undesirable consequences.

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