Installing Tkeycoin Core wallet on Windows


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updated 5 months ago

For the local Tkeycoin wallet to work correctly on Windows, Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 must be installed on your PC. Inside the installer you will find a link to download this package. Recall that you are downloading the x64 version.

Before upgrading to version 1.1.5, you must have version installed:;

Installation process:

1. Right-click the installation file tkeycoin-x.x.x.xx-x64.exe

2. In the dialog box, click Run as administrator, then confirm the action Yes;

3. Click Next;

4. Next, check the box next to "I accept the terms of the License Agreement", then click Next;

5. Next, select the type of installation, we recommend Typical. After selecting the installation type, click Next;

6. To start the installation, click "Install»;

7. Next, click on Close.

How to reinstall Tkeycoin Core on Windows

Version 1.1.5 is not installed on Windows

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