Installing Tkeycoin Core wallet on Linux


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Installation via the terminal:
1. Launch “Terminal” using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + T;
2. Go to the directory where the installer file is located:

cd ./Downloads

2. Run the installation command:

sudo apt-get install ./tkeycoin-x.x.x.deb

where, x.x.x is the version number of the application, for example, tkeycoin-1.1.6.deb

3. Start the Tkeycoin application from the system menu, you can also call up the "menu" by pressing Alt+F2, then enter tkeycoin-qt and press Enter.

Installation via "Application Manager"

1. Select the downloaded tkeycoin-x.x.x.deb file from the file Manager

2. Double-click and select the Install button;

3. Start the local wallet using the shortcut on the desktop.

If you want to completely remove Tkeycoin Core, then use the command:

sudo apt-get purge tkeycoin

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