What is Tkeycoin?


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Tkeycoin is a cryptocurrency with promising scaling.

Tkeycoin Core is a peer-to-peer payment network using the eponymous cryptocurrency Tkeycoin.

In simple terms, cryptocurrencies are electronic money, which can be issued by any Internet user who has software that supports the Tkeycoin network.

When issuing a new unit, all transfers (transactions) made by network users for a certain time are used. Next, the most interesting for the miner (the one who creates a new block) is selected from the total number of transactions. Selected transactions form a new block, and miners, in turn, try to pick up such a number, when operating with which the block will satisfy a certain condition.

The interval of formation of two different blocks tends to the number that is specified in the system (in Tkeycoin 10 minutes). Sometimes this period begins to fluctuate, so the system (network) itself corrects the complexity of calculating a new block for Tkeycoin cryptocurrency miners. As a reward, the miner receives the nominal value prescribed in the network settings, + a Commission for all transactions that entered the block formed by him.

You can try your hand as a 
Tkeycoin miner by downloading and installing the appropriate software from the official website of the project.

History Of Tkeycoin

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