Installing Tkeycoin Core wallet on Linux Server


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updated 5 months ago

Connect to the server via ssh and execute commands:

sudo apt-get install ./tkeycoin-x.x.x.deb
tkeycoind start

where, x.x.x is the version number of the application, for example, tkeycoin-1.1.6.deb

After launch, a full node will start sync of blocks to check the synchronization status, enter the following command:

tkeycoin-cli getblockchaininfo

Check the current height:

tkeycoin-cli getchaintips

Check the number of connections (peers):

tkeycoin-cli getconnectioncount

To view information about the peers:

tkeycoin-cli getpeerinfo

The full list of commands can be requested using the command:

tkeycoin-cli help

Installing Tkeycoin Core wallet on Linux Server

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