History of Phoenix and the name Tkeycoin


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History of the name Tkeycoin

Tkeycoin literally translates as "key coin". 
TKEY is an abbreviation of the English phrase Turn the KEY (”turn the key"), which refers to Joe Vitale's book "The Key" (turn it and discover the secret of attraction). This book has become for many the key to fulfilling desires and helped attract in life fortune and prosperity. Also, TKEY is a " transaction key” in C#.

The key as an emblem traditionally means solving a difficult problem, finding an approach to a complex problem. It's a mystery that you must solve, the knowledge you need to achieve.

In addition, the key is the power and ability to open and close everything, limit or release, at the request of the owner. Interestingly, its inventor was considered Janus-two-faced 
God-demiurge, which the Romans revered as the patron of new beginnings. Janus was the possessor of the Keys of Power that opened and closed the gates of heaven.

The symbol of the coin is Phoenix

The symbol of the coin is the mythological Phoenix bird, meaning immortality and eternal renewal. Phoenix implies that Tkeycoin has an important role to play in the rebirth and renewal of the global financial system, creating new unique tools for this market.

The Latin inscription "Littera scripta manet" on the image of the coin translates as " Written does not disappear”. This is logical: as we know, the blockchain keeps the entire history of operations in an accurate and unchanged form, without losses. Theoretically, this data can be seen at least a thousand years.

The mediakit is available here - https://tkeycoin.com/mediakit.zip

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