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updated 2 months ago

As practice has shown, research in the field of cryptocurrencies has rarely relied on the experience of previous discoveries in the field of cryptography and network protocols.

Existing cryptocurrencies do not have the qualities of real money necessary to attract mass consumers, and therefore the share of the cryptocurrency market is negligible in comparison with conventional currencies.

Cryptocurrencies are mainly used as a means of earning for investors and are practically not used by the other part of society. To start using cryptocurrency, a person needs to deal with a number of technical issues.

We approached the market from an economic and scientific point of view, borrowing the best from Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH and other alternative currencies, mixing modern concepts and building on the global experience of IBM, Microsoft and a number of other companies and research.

The above analysis in the design and technical documentation proves to us that to build a quality architecture of Tkeycoin Core it is necessary to return to the origins of cryptography, peer-to-peer networks and cash protocols.

Historically, many concepts that look perfect on paper have proven ineffective in the future. Everything new is well forgotten old.

Pay attention to the popularity of two market leaders - Bitcoin and Ethereum. If we conduct a qualitative analysis of these two projects, we can conclude that their uniqueness largely lies in the mass. Think about it, because both protocols are tested, analyzed and used by millions of developers around the world.

This fact indirectly confirms the high efficiency of most of the solutions that these two cryptocurrencies provide. That is why we decided to carefully analyze the advantages of BTC and ETH, try out their symbiosis in practice to come to a truly perfect and innovative solution.

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