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Tkeycoin Daemon works as a service in the background and is controlled by special commands from the console.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli help Display a list of available commands or a description of the command, if indicated by an argument.

▪️ tkeycoind start Launch Tkeycoin Daemon.

▪️ tkeycoind stop Stop Tkeycoin Daemon.

▪️ tkeycoind restart Restart Tkeycoin Daemon.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli automining start <address> Run mining, the third parameter (YOUR_ADDRESS) is the tkeycoin address for receiving a reward for mining.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli automining stop  Stop mining.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli automining status Check mining status.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli getconnectioncount Print the current number of connections. The result is an integer.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli getpeerinfo  Display information about each connected node (peer).

▪️ tkeycoin-cli getnetworkhashps display the network hash rate in hashes.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli getdifficulty display the current network complexity.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli getblockcount Print the current number of blocks. The result is an integer.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli getblockchaininfo Display current information about the TKEY blockchain.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli getnetworkinfo Display current information about the TKEY network.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli getmininginfo Display information about the current block in the network, hashrate, network complexity.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli getaddressinfo <address> Get information about tkeycoin address.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli getreceivedbyaddress <address> List the incoming transactions to the specified address.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli getaddressesbylabel <label>  Display a list of addresses for the specified "label".

▪️ tkeycoin-cli getnewaddress  Create a new tkeycoin address.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli getbalance Withdraw wallet balance.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli getwalletinfo Display current wallet information.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli gettransaction <txid> Print transaction information.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli listlabels List the tags in your wallet.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli listreceivedbylabel — Display a list of “tags” with the total number of funds received on them, excluding money sent and the number of confirmations.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli listreceivedbyaddress The same, but with details on tkeycoin addresses.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli listtransactions  List the transactions in JSON format.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli sendfrom  Send TKEY from the specified account.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli sendmany  Send TKEY to multiple addresses.

Command Example: tkeycoin-cli sendmany "" "{\" qRhGtfMQTXravqTSYXPcvptNss7v7aVM8H \ ": 423.00, \" qMhNbejLrh8k31pGYJMWZe1QWSutMmJRmE \ ": 54.00, \" qVKhPFM1qnggrN3WmhodR5kUhWA2v23hrV \ ": 331.00, \" qSSLvQiw3jS7oN3uSM4Ttz95YEGcaKJbve \ ": 400.00}"

▪️ tkeycoin-cli backupwallet <wallet.dat> Make a backup copy of wallet.dat.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli encryptwallet <passphrase> — Encrypt wallet.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli rescanblockchain 0 Scan blockchain from block 0.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli walletpassphrase <passphrase> <time> Decrypt wallet.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli sendtoaddress <address> Send funds to the specified tkeycoin address.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli setlabel <address> <label> Set the label tkeycoin address.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli setgenerate Turn on / off block generation. The parameter - true or false, does not return anything.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli settxfee <amount> Set the commission.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli signmessage Sign a message, useful for verifying the ownership of an address.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli validateaddress Check the address is correct. It also returns the account to which it belongs, if any.

▪️ tkeycoin-cli verifymessage Check message signature.

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