How to quickly and safely exchange cryptocurrency?


By Support Agent Tkeycoin

updated 2 months ago

Quick, unlimited and anonymous exchange in 200 cryptocurrencies is available on the official website of Tkeycoin.

You can easily make exchanges in a few clicks:

1. Go to the "Currency Exchange" page";

2. Select currencies to exchange. Available +200 cryptocurrencies, including stablecoin: USTD, USDC, TUSD.

For example, you want to exchange your ETH for LTC:

2.1. In the upper field, select your currency to exchange: ETH;

2.2. In the lower field, select the currency you want to exchange, in our case it is — LTC;

3. Enter the amount you want to receive or exchange, for example, 10 ETH. The system will automatically show the exchange rate and the amount received;

4. Click "Exchange";

5. In the "Wallet address" field, enter the Address of the exchange currency, in our case it is LTC;

6. Click "Next" — "Confirm"

7. The system will automatically generate an address — to Deposit the exchange currency, in our example — ETH;

8. Deposit funds to the generated address. The exchange will take place automatically within 5-20 minutes, depending on the currency's blockchain.

If you have any technical questions about enrollment or exchange, please ask us: and

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