How to create a wallet?


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1. Go to the official website tkeycoin.comTKEYSPACE — links to official Google Play and AppStore resources will be available on the mobile wallet page.

2. Download the app. After installation, run the application TKEYSPACE — click Create wallet — select the currency (the choice of others will be available in the next step) — Create.

3. Click on the selected currency, for example, Tkeycoin — click Receive — the application will offer to create and record backup phrases.

4. Next, you will receive a backup phrase in the form of 12 words that you need to write down and save in a safe place. Make sure you write down the 12-word phrase in the correct order.

Everything is much easier and safer. You will have a special backup phrase, with it you will always be able to restore access to funds and access on any other device. You do not need to go into the basics of cryptography, the secret key will look like 12 ordinary words. Just write down or print out the phrases to always access the funds.

5. The application is ready to work, your funds are completely safe.

Enjoy your use!

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