How to find the wallet address?


By Support Agent Tkeycoin

updated 2 months ago

1. Select a cryptocurrency or a token click Receive — the currency address will be displayed on the screen — you can share a address or copy the address.

2. The application automatically creates new addresses, every time you click Receive. A new address is created immediately after funds are received to the previous address.

3. All generated addresses are combined in the application. Even if you have lost the address that you generated in the past, you can always generate a new one. If funds are sent to you at the previously generated address, funds will also come, because they are combined in your wallet.

Initially, the principles of cryptocurrency were laid down — 1 address is used for one transaction, then a new one is generated. You can use 1 address to receive funds or always use a new one. Using the new address ensures your privacy — only you know how much you have in your account.

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