How to send or receive cryptocurrency?


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To send funds from your wallet, you need the recipient's address or QR code:

Get a cryptocurrency or token:

1. Select the currency — click Send —  share the address with the recipient (click Share to send the address) or copy the address (click on the address field: it will be automatically copied) — tell/send your address to the sender.

Send a cryptocurrency or token:

1. Select a currency and click Send.

2. Enter the amount you want to Send.

3. In the Address field, insert the recipient's address (click Insert) or scan the recipient's QR code (click the icon  to enable the QR code scanner).

4. In the transaction Speed field, select low, medium, or high.  A low transaction is processed more slowly than a high transaction, and they have no other differences.

5. Click Proceed.

To track any incoming and outgoing transactions, go to the Transactions tab at the bottom of the menu: How to view transactions?

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