First steps: TKEYSPACE


By Support Agent Tkeycoin

updated 4 months ago

Getting started with the TKEYSPACE app is very simple because IT is a new generation mobile app that provides a new level of security, easy user-friendly interfaces, and all the necessary features that are required to work with cryptocurrency.

1. Download the TKEYSPACE wallet —

2. Install the application on your mobile device.

3. Create a wallet — How to create a wallet?

4. Get a backup phrase recovery — make several backup copies of the backup phrase.

5. Set the application passcode — How do I set the passcode?

Enjoy your use! If you want to set additional settings, such as displaying the currency: USD, EUR or KRW, push notifications, and more, use the settings menu.

How to create a wallet?

How to find the wallet address?

How to view transactions?

How to add a token or cryptocurrency?

How to get a backup phrase?

Recommendations for storing a backup phrase

How do I set the passcode?

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